YP Your Partner.

Intelligent Systems for Sustainable Interactions

YP Your Partner is active in the world of information technology. For more than 25 years our information systems, often in combination with the use of telemetry, are used to manage, monitor and control remote installations. We not only build intelligent information systems, but also long-lasting relationships with our customers so they can make use of our products, knowledge and experience. For us the key word that forms the core of all our activities is; partnership.

Partner for Goverments

Many municipalities manage the subtasks of their public spaces with different management systems. This means that there are different systems should be maintained and that the administration of all systems must be kept separately. A decent job. But it can be much easier and cheaper!

YP for Goverments

Partner for Industries

There is a major technological evolution going on, and the end is nowhere in sight. In fact, we are only at the beginning. Through extensive digitization processes run faster, better and more efficiently. YP knows how to find your way in this world and are pleased to take you along on this quest.

YP for Industries

Partner for Co-creation

Inventing the wheel is a time-consuming and costly. And why, if the wheel already exists? YP believes that cooperation form the ultimate power of parties. We take it a step further and call this co-creation. For us this is word is not just a modern phenomenon. Co-creation is the key of our existence.

YP for Co-creation

YP believes that the world would be a better place if technology sustainable improves the way people work together.

The fundamentals of our success:


For us, working together in: connecting people, knowledge and data, so that creates more than the sum of its parts. Cooperation is therefore the key word that forms the core of all our activities.


Our professionals and years of experience are at your full disposal. Together with you, not only construct sustainable and intelligent information systems, but also to a lasting relationship with you.


Each project is a new challenge again. Our passion is: to achieve the maximum. By listening and thinking along with you, together we create innovative customization: smart and forward-looking solutions.

“How important technique may be; it always remains people business!”

Proud of our clients:

"The functionallity of their solutions is astonishing !"

"We achieved profitability from the first moment!"

"YP shares their knowledge which helps us making the right choices fot the future."